do i need a referral?

It is not necessary to have a referral for psychological therapy, however, with a referral under the ‘Better Access to Mental Health Care’ initiative, Medicare rebates are available. To obtain the rebate, you will need to see your GP or Psychiatrist for a ‘Mental Health Treatment Plan’ (MHTP). The MHTP entitles you to 10 therapy sessions per calendar year. After the first 6 sessions, your Doctor will review the plan and if needed, renew it for another 4 sessions. For more information on Medicare for Psychology, please see here.

Once your GP or Psychiatrist has prepared the MHTP, you can either:

  1. Ask your Doctor to send the referral and MHTP directly to AB Psychology Melbourne via Fax or Mail and Dr Anna Brozovic will phone you to make an appointment OR;
  2. You can contact AB Psychology Melbourne directly via phone to make an appointment time and bring a copy of your referral and MHTP to the first appointment.

Please note: To ensure privacy and security, AB Psychology Melbourne does not use email for confidential information such as referrals, reports, or therapy. General enquiries via email are always welcome.


If you have a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) from your Doctor, your initial 50-minute session at AB Psychology Melbourne is bulk billed so there are no out of pocket expenses. This is to give you an opportunity to learn more about what is involved and decide if the therapy and the therapist is right for you.

Further sessions are charged at $180 per 50-minute consultation. With a MHTP, the current Medicare rebate to see a Clinical Psychologist is $124.50, so your out of pocket cost per session is $55.50.

Fees are payable on the day of your appointment and rebates are processed on the day using HICAPS. Please note that this fee is below the current recommended rate of $246 per standard consultation set by the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Cancellation Policy

A $50 fee applies for non-attendance or cancellations of less than 24-hours notice. Please note that Medicare rebates are not available for missed or cancelled appointments.

your first appointment

Prior to your first session, you will be sent a pack which includes further information and some forms for you to fill out. Please read the information beforehand and bring the completed forms to your first appointment. 

At your first appointment, Dr Anna Brozovic will talk to you about your current concerns, what you would like to achieve through therapy, and about your background (eg. family, education, work, history of mental health) to get to know you as a person. This session is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions about the therapy and be a part of collaboratively setting the treatment goals. At the end of the session, a treatment plan will be discussed. As everyone is different, the plan will be developed specifically for you and include interventions selected for your individual needs. Often there is a lot of information to cover, so this initial process can take up to two sessions.

Updated June 2018